Dancing With Butterflies: Book Clubs

 Enhance Your Book Club:

  • For your book club meeting, turn your host’s living room into a butterfly sanctuary! With colored paper and scissors, use this template to make paper butterflies that can perch anywhere in the room.  Click here for Link.
  • View The Two Fridas, Adriana’s favorite Frida Kahlo painting, and discuss your impressions of this famous work with your book club. You can find it here: http://www.frida-kahlo-foundation.org/The-Two-Fridas-large.html .
  • Folklórico is not the only type of dance in Dancing with Butterflies; Elena also appreciates ballet. Take your book club to a performance in your town: folk dance, ballet, or any other type of dance.
  • In the spirit of the novel, take your book club out to your local Mexican restaurant. Or if you prefer, go out for sushi, Adriana’s least favorite food. Just be careful not to mistake wasabi for guacamole, like Adriana did!
  • Yesenia is able to fulfill her lifelong dream of leading a Folklórico dance group. What were your earliest dreams? Have each book club member write down a childhood “dream job” anonymously. Pull the answers out of a hat, and let your book club guess whose dream is whose.


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