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Are you looking for the next selection for your book club? Look no further. Across a Hundred Mountains, Dancing with Butterflies, and The Distance Between Us, have been very well received by book clubs across the nation. If your book club is in the Los Angeles area, you can invite Reyna to your meeting to discuss her books. If you aren’t local, please check Reyna’s upcoming events to see if she will be visiting your area! Reyna is also happy to do book discussions through skype or phone.

“Reyna Grande’s visit to our teacher book club still resonates among the group. The group is comprised of 12 educators – two-thirds women and one-third men. We meet once  a month to dialogue about our selected text and to enjoy good food. Since several group members have danced in folklorico groups “Dancing with Butterflies” resonated. Of particular interest was the story behind the characters and her writer’s craft. Reyna entertained each of our queries and brought insight into her writing process. We were delighted to hear about her own personal experiences related to dance and the way she created fictionalized characters based on her detailed observations. We have read both of her novels, Across a Hundred Mountains and Dancing with Butterflies. With great anticipation we await her next novel so we can continue to read and learn from this Latina author.”

Lilia E. Sarmiento, Ph.D.
CSU Dominguez Hills
Associate Professor

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