The Distance Between Us Reviews

  • From The L.A. Times  “A brutally honest book… the “Angela’s Ashes” of the modern Mexican immigrant experience.” Read More.
  • From Publisher’s Weekly “Grande captivates and inspires…” Read more.
  • From The Christian Science Monitor “…The entire story is a case study in immigration policy, North American trade, public school education, and the promise and pitfalls of a capitalist economy…provides a cast of vivid characters who remind readers that even the driest legislation matters…” Read More.
  • From the California Report “…makes palpable a human dilemma and dares us to dismiss it.” Read More.
  • From Slate Magazine “Grande is the kind of unsparing witness whose voice we don’t hear enough.” Read More.
  • From NBC Latino “For Grande, who is a staunch advocate of the DREAM Act, the publication of her memoir is an opportunity to offer inspiration to the current generation of young immigrants who have dreams as lofty as she did as a teenager…” Read More.
  • From Kirkus Reviews “A standout immigrant coming-of-age story.” Read More.
  • From Booklist “…Puts a human face on issues that stir vehement debate…” Read More.

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